About Rainbow Pagans UK

Welcome all!

This is the collective blog of the Rainbow Pagans UK group, which exists on Yahoo Groups, Facebook, through a monthly moot, and the relationship of friendship between its members. The Group exists for LGBTQ Pagans and their friends and supporters, in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The blog is an expression of our group, by those members that wish to contribute, though it may not represent the group as a whole, and views expressed in posts will not necessarily be supported by the group as a whole.

We welcome submissions from members on subjects relevant to Paganism and the Pagan LGBTQ community. Blog admins act as editors for practical purposes, not for purposes of censorship.

Gratuitous denigration of different types of people (eg women, men, transfolk, heterosexuals, bisexuals, people of specified race, nationality or physical ability etc) has no place on the blog.

Contents of the blog come under a Creative Commons 3.0 non-commercial license, so can be reproduced in full with explicit credit, for non-commercial purposes.

Affiliated Sites

Rainbow Pagans UK Yahoo Group

Rainbow Pagans UK Facebook Group


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