the world of your choice

I got to do this Bro, I am sure we cannot be the only ones – oh yeah let me in the group will ya – pwetty pwease – I loves you xx

Summer Thunder

We have Sun! We have blue skies! The back door is open, incense is burning and it’s starting to feel like very early Summer. In two days it will be the anniversary of the reception of The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley (111 years ago). I feel almost like I’m back in my twenties.

The little group I set up on facebook for the overlap of Satanism and Paganism is indeed very small right now, but it has already been fun and interesting. I’ve been revisiting Demonolatry with tentative, mixed but palpable results, and everything is largely up in the air, which is pretty much where it should be when you are enquiring.

The living, devotional, spontaneous, expressive, jubilant core of things is the same though – just no certain context to tie it into anything other than life.

I am reminded of when I was very young…

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