auf wiedersehen

I bid this blog a fond farewell, as I am no longer identifying as Pagan, at least not religiously, and I no longer look for representation under the “Pagan” umbrella to be truthful. Whatever my beliefs and experiences, I personally feel my (and other people’s) interests are best served by secularism, and not religion.

Jeremy is the sole admin of the group at present, so please do support him, and if you are Pagan and LGBTI, please do consider submitting your work to the blog if you would like to see it grow and take part.

With best wishes.




4 comments on “auf wiedersehen

  1. Hi Jeremy, I don’t seem to be able to remove myself as a user of the blog! lol. Could you do it for me?

    Thanks hun x

  2. btw, I meant to write above that Jeremy was the sole admin of the *blog*, not the group, as there are a number of admins for the facebook and Yahoo groups

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