From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light


Mo asked me to detail the reason for choosing the lunar calendar rather than a solar one. To be honest, I have never really thought about why the lunar calendar makes sense to me – so yes that has made me think.

The Celts regarded time as circular rather than linear. In particular a cycle from darkness to light such as days start at sunset rather than midnight and the year commencing at Samhain when nature is dying down for the winter. Hence the belief from darkness and death come light and life.

In the time of the ancient Celts the waxing and waning of the moon was considered to be of vital importance as the lunar cycle itself is one of darkness to light. They also recognised the solar cycle in a similar fashion. The lunar cycle being approximately every 28 days giving us months divided into fortnights of darkness and light whist the solar cycle is roughly a year and again can be divided into a dark and light half giving us the seasons of nature.

It is this consistency and regularity that makes sense to me. Add to that the cycle of the moon affects the tides of our seas even our feelings and emotions. It is that which makes me consider the lunar calendar more viable as a means of possible prediction. If astrology is a science rather than an art it needs some definitive rather than the irregularity of the modern calendar. That does not mean I will ignore the solar cycle, indeed I have no doubt it has its own role to play.


Love and light



Prompt: In Your Own Words – your thoughts and feelings – maybe a full blog post on a topic of your choice related to your path (or Paganism in general) or just a few sentences on where you are right now. What are you studying? What are you thinking? Who are you, and where are you going on your Pagan path? What’s right and what’s wrong in Paganism at the moment?


5 comments on “From Darkness to Light

  1. I believe the Muslim and Jewish calendars may follow a similar pattern, certainly the Muslim one, days starting at sunset, months starting at the sighting of the crescent Moon.

    For this reason, because there aren’t 12 lunar months in a solar year (and the year is by definition solar, or solar-terrestrial), the calendar moves backwards by about 2 weeks each year, so you either jump the named month forwards when it has slipped back enough, or you let the whole year of months keep slipping back (as the Muslims do). Thus Ramadhan is happening now, but quite some years ago it was happening in the wintertime.

    I guess my question now would be does the Celtic calendar have 12 or 13 months/signs, and do they stay in place, or move backwards on a rolling calendar? I’d also be interested to know the symbols of the signs 🙂

    love n light


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