Nature Kicks Butt

Earlier this year many of us were hit by flooding. Whilst we didn’t have anything close to the terrible scenes in the West Country we all saw on the news my garden took a pounding, especially my roses.

One rose bush in particular looked like it had lost the fight for existence and throughout the spring and early summer showed no signs of life at all. This particular bush has some importance to me as I planted it the day I moved into the house. It was a cutting from a bush I had in my old house, which in turn came from the house before that, and so on right back to the original plant that was the centre piece of my grandmother’s beautiful garden. Needless to say these last few months I have been keeping a close eye on this precious plant.

To be honest I had almost given up hope on it making a recovery until a morning last week. I went outside for my usual few minutes at first light and noticed a few new leaf buds sprouting on the old plant. Each day a few more sprouts have appeared and new shoots are also starting to appear. I do not suppose I will see her flouncy pink blooms this year but she has kicked back.

This has really made me think about the power of nature. Yes, it can be awesomely destructive and lay waste to Man’s attempt to tame it. Nature is also amazingly resilient and fights back from the brink. How often do we give up at the first sign of difficulty because it is easier to do that than pull on our deepest reserves to fight through a problem? If nature teaches us anything it teaches us anything is possible if we try hard enough. We are also products of nature and therefore we are equipped with similar strengths as my rose bush to hold out through the hard times.

I certainly have needed to learn that lesson recently as I have been struggling with personal stuff and was on the verge of giving up when the little shoots of life appeared. Symbolic maybe, a kick up the ass certainly!


Pink Rose 20013 ( Nature Kicks Butt)


Love and light

Jez ☽☆☾


Prompt: Eureka! – post about something new that you have learned, or discovered recently, that is related to your path or Paganism in general.





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