Action, Action – Celtic Astrology 1

Celtic Astrology 1


This year I have been investigating astrology. Whist the everyday signs of the Zodiac fascinate me I have never been able to get to grips with them. I am no great believer in the horoscope pages of newspapers or magazines either. I wanted to make this personal and part of my personal spiritual journey. So I was born under the sign of the Capricorn – the goat and that is as far as I went with that. I follow a very Celtic spiritual path so the natural step for me would be to investigate Celtic astrology.

So what is Celtic astrology? Some say it is as ancient as time, others a modern method of divination created by Robert Graves. Whilst I believe the Celts, especially the Druids, were spiritually savvy I think divination was more about the cycle of the year and survival from one year to the next. Would they have sat round the old camp fire telling each other’s fortunes – I doubt it. However we have more time for such things in our modern lives. Whether it is ancient or modern, I do not think it really matters. Celtic astrology is based on trees and their runic symbolism. Astrology itself is based on a fundamental concept that the time and place of birth is a pivotal aspect in the development of personality and behaviour.

Unlike Zodiac astrology which is solar based, Celtic astrology is based on the lunar cycle which to me makes sense as the Celtic year was a lunar one. Celtic tree astrology has been developed from the natural cycles of the moon and the earth giving due reverence to the belief that trees hold an ancient and sacred knowledge. If we take the concept a step further it is possible to form a connection between the characteristics of the trees to that of human nature. Is it possible that gives us insight into who we are? I do not have the answers yet, but I am open-minded to the possibility.


Love and light

Jez ☽☆☾




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