25 Songs 25 Days Day 9: When There Is Nothing Inside

The Boy Poet


Some days it doesn’t matter what I do, say or think I can’t get it right and I just want to give it all up. Add to that mix a generous dose of dysphoria and the world is a dark and lonely place. On days like that you won’t find me sat at my keyboard or with note pad and pen but with an iPod wandering round the stones of Avebury calling in the ancient powers. Tina Malia’s Circle of Stone is one of a few songs I carry with me and fills me with hope that all will work out as it is meant to.

Another is Damh the Bard’s Cauldron Born

I also use the more rock inspired songs to give me some upbeat momentum and Inkubus Sukkubus just rock anyway

Hope, for me comes from within my core values and beliefs, and with a sprinkling of magic…

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