Me and My Shadows



My book of Shadows, if I must call it that, is three A4 ring binders. One is a herbology reference file, and details herbs and their uses as well as their growing seasons and drying methods. I use herbs for cooking, incense, medicine and magic. As I grow my own as much as possible knowing the growing seasons is vital and magic being as elemental as it can get when using herbs it is also quite a good idea to use herbs that are in season. Dried herbs from the supermarket are okay but there is something a little special about using one you grown from a seed.


Another folder is the spells I use and a few of the rituals I work at Sabbats. I don’t really stick to a written format but it is useful to have an outline to work from. I also note the reasons for a spell, and the results of using it. A lot of my magical workings are based on translations I have made of my great aunt’s grimoire which I keep with my working tools.


The third binder is relatively new as I am studying divination and it is a working book of notes.


In the main all three are handwritten but that is purely for convenience as getting out the laptop and note-taking is a pain, far easier to use a pen and note pad. These folders are really just personal notes and whilst I am happy to share information with anyone who asks I am not wholly sure there is much to be gained by someone else reading through them. Theoretically magic is personal to the practitioner so my workings are merely outlines to anyone else.



© JG Farmer 2014

Prompt: Pagan Blog Prompts


The Book of Shadows of any magickal practitioner is as unique as their fingerprint. Some use it as a journal, some use it as a spell book. Some people don’t feel the need to keep one at all.

What does yours look like? Do you hand write it? Is it typed? Do you let others handle it? How is it set up…a journal or a spell book? Both? Was yours given to you by someone?


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