Rhavensfyre blog prompt response Fate/Destiny

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“What goes around comes around.”


The Threefold Law

These are the things we hear about every day, in good times and bad. But is everything pre-planned, and everything we experience for a greater lesson? Or do we decide our own fate with our choices? Take these questions into consideration while writing your blog entry this week.

via Pagan Blog Prompts: Prompt: Fate / Destiny.

This is a sticky concept, because it pits free will with pre-destiny. If you subscribe to free will, then any and all actions you perform directly manifest in your future. I.E. if you do bad, all things that happen to you as a direct result of them are purely yours. You cannot blame fate, or purpose above or beyond your control.
Now, having said that…if you subscribe to predestiny, all things that happen to you are metaphorically written in a book already. What happens to you, good or bad, down to the time of your death is predetermined. Depending on your beliefs, your life could be seen as reward or punishment for past deeds in past life’s. Now, here is the sticky part. Why would this life be predetermined by what you did in a past life, unless you own what you did in that past life? Can you say that bad or good things are happening because of deeds done then, but then claim no control of them in this life? It is a matter for introspection, is it not?
I for one, will say that I believe we can control our destiny, in as much as we can control our life within a wider web of the universe. I also believe that there are pivotal moments in your life that you are meant to experience, the how and where can change depending on your actions. In some cases, it may not happen for several lives. This seems a good middle ground to me, to accept that perhaps fate has some intentions in my life, but that it is up to me to find and develop them.
As to the three fold law, in continuing with the concept of free will and fate, I will chime in this way. I have met people who are so negative that it will rain over their house when it is sunny a block away. The three fold law reminds us that what we do can have consequences, on this plane and above. Think badly and act badly, and bad things are attracted to you. The trick of this is having a conscience. You know that if you curse another person out of anger or spite, you have done something wrong. You have violated something you believe in, which is to do no harm. This is a powerful thing, this concept, and our beliefs reinforce and spin back upon us in a way that helps us to curb our excesses and self-maintains an environment we wish to live within. The human mind and spirit has so much power, we need to be careful what we are throwing out into the world. Negativity, hate and corruption can affect the very world around us, the weather, the crops, everything. An attitude can turn a crowd into a mob, we have all seen this.
I could write volumes on this, but i think this is enough for now.
Brightest Blessings


One comment on “Rhavensfyre blog prompt response Fate/Destiny

  1. Nice first post, welcome to the GPUK blog

    I kinda agree with your belief in pivotal moments in life as we all have them and whether we like it or not they have to be faced. They can be pushed back and denied but eventually we are there and have to deal with it – good or bad. I call them getting back on track points as they normally occur when we have got complacent and maybe are not truly following the path we should.

    Fate and destiny may also be abstract to each other. I see it as fate being a starting point and destiny the potential end points which one we get to depends on our actions or paths we choose and sometimes we have to find our own way to make sense of it all.

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