Summer Thunder

I belong to a group called Gay Pagans UK, which exists for gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender Pagans, Heathens, Witches, occultists and such like (in the UK and Eire). We’re also open to LGBT people who are just interested in Paganism, and Pagans who support LGBT equality.

It’s an internet group, and it was originally founded by Martin Cummins as a Yahoo Group (or “club” as they were termed back then) called Gay Wiccans UK, in November 2000. Eventually we threw the name open to redesign, as “Gay Wiccans” really didn’t represent the membership and its diversity. We went through as many rounds of discussion and refining of expressed consensus as we could get anywhere with, and while there was no name that could please everyone, Gay Pagans UK was the best least-problematic name we could arrive at. A lot of us didn’t like “queer”, the pinks and lavenders…

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