Prompt: “An it harm none…”

Today’s prompt is about the Wiccan Rede. What do you think of the rede? Do you follow it? There are about a billion ways to interpret that last line, “An it harm none, do as thou wilt”. What does this personally mean to you? Does this mean as long as you aren’t harming anyone…you’re good to go? What constitutes harm? Does it carry over into animal rights? Does it cover even commonplace things like ear piercings or tattoos? YOU are included in the “harm none” clause, so does this mean you should hold yourself to a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t harm your body?

What do you all think?

via Pagan Blog Prompts: Prompt: \”An it harm none…\”.


6 comments on “Prompt: “An it harm none…”

  1. I did follow the rede when I considered myself a Wiccan and believed it to mean no counter magic, curses or anything that would cause mental, emotional or physical harm to others.
    I no longer consider myself a Wiccan, but a Witch with my own personal spiritual beliefs. I now believe counter magic and curses to be perfectly acceptable if it is for the sake of protection of yourself and your family and when all else has failed. That’s my opinion anyway 🙂

    • In my mind no matter what we do, good or bad, there are consequences which need to be considered. The rede therefore is great to teach the habit of thinking something through before acting. I’m not a Wiccan but a Celtic Witch but I used the rede when I was starting out.

  2. I’m also not a Wiccan, but like many people I’m familiar with the rede and used to look upon it as a guide of sorts. I think it is in the nature of an ethical consideration, a basis for questioning and reflection, using the elements of freedom and consequences. People get into big things about the nature of harm and its relativity, but I don’t think the rede was ever meant as a comprehensive answer, rather a source of questions that wouldn’t be answered by simple “thou shalt not”s. The rede basically says that you need to be aware to make an ethical decision relating to your actions.

  3. I too am not Wiccan but used it when I started out as a Witch. Having been raised as a Strict Catholic, the Rede was a breath of fresh air for me LOL! It made sense to me. Harm none was my only boundary then. Now having been a Witch for years, I can see these “Boundaries” change in my own life. I do think that whatever energy we put out there, Good or Bad does find it’s way back in some way but I think the “Intent” is the main principle to go by. I also think that the “Intent” is built on our own personal Perceptions. If someone is hurting me or someone that I love, then my doing a “negative” spell towards the person who hurt me is simply sending that “Harm” right back at the person who originally sent it. They sent it first so I don’t think I would fall under the rule of “You get back what you send out”. It does not affect my “Karma” or whatever you want to call it. But if I just cast a dark spell without provocation then I think I would have that negative energy come back at me someday. Just my take on things!

      • I’m basically with you guys on this. I see it in terms of boundaries and non-interference with my will, in its own sphere. Sometimes you have to push back, there is nothing negative about that, quite the contrary, it is life affirming. It is all a matter of limits. I don’t want to interfere in someone else’s life, but they have to not interfere in mine. We are all interrelated and interconnected, but we are all also sovereign beasties 😉

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