In Your Own Words – On to the River

Swimming against the tide


I visit the stream in all weathers and all seasons for a little peace and tranquillity and to blend with nature which is not always easy living in a town.  It does feel like we have skipped autumn this year as the trees seem to have gone from their shades of green and the odd golden leaf to being bare and spartan due to the recent storms.

The stream is high and rushing faster carrying the rains to the Thames and on to London. From the peaceful setting of the stream it all ends up in the hustle and bustle of a nation’s capital. Does water suffer from a culture shock?

Maybe the trees also get shocked by the sudden winds that ripped their leaves away, just as we do when it damages our homes and throws a block in our lifestyle.  But then trees do not try and live against nature unlike humanity who is hell bent on controlling Mother Nature and failing miserably. The extremes of weather are nature telling us we are not the ones who have the ultimate say.

There are still a few little fish in the stream and I watched them for ages trying to swim upstream and going no place fast – I think I know how they feel. I been fighting changes inside myself and getting nowhere just staying in the same place hitting my head against the same wall of reasons, most of them starting with the phrase ‘I don’t want…’

I am already realising ‘I don’t want…’ means I am afraid, it never was about want. Samhain was quiet this year but the spirits of old came anyway. They don’t let me go and they don’t let me fall too far either. Just like the seasons there are always certainties mingled in with the unexpected. It is those certainties that help us when we feel doubt and fear.

My bro wrote a blog a few days ago and all I could comment was ‘interesting’. It was bit more than interesting it was mind opening. It has made me deal with one of the worms in the can I opened. Question is were my old spirits talking through my bro? I believe so, as it was confirming things I was channelling psychically anyway. Serves me right for throwing the questions to spirit for an answer you could say.

In some aspects of life we can only go with the flow, fear will not change it. Equating the reality with spirituality was never going to be easy. It was made all the more difficult by dogmatic learnings from the past and like the fish I was swimming against the flow until my bro opened the flood gates.  On to the river it is then!


Love and light



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