Eureka! A Little Dreaming

A Little Dreaming


What are dreams? Are they just our imaginings while sleeping or is there something more? For the last year I have been teaching myself to read my dreams, even though I was skeptical at its usefulness at the beginning I now find dreams can offer a deeper insight because each dream holds an enormous amount of information integrated with emotional responses and habitual behaviours. Therefore one dream is a cinematic surround sound of information about the self, the past, present and the potential future of self. Dreams give insight into problems and wishes of the waking self, and it is all there at hand as we sleep at night – all we have to do is to make time to tap into that information and make note of it. Reading dreams is not a mystery of the psychic; it is a skill open to anyone who wants to access their own intuitive wisdom.

Learning to remember dreams is vital as a clear picture of the dream is far easier to interpret than a hazy foggy cloud of randomness. Keeping a dream journal is good practice. Writing down the nights events as soon as I wake up has become a bit of a habit but a useful one. I even note the crazy and nonsensical elements of a dream as they have often been the most valuable insights into a situation. The hardest bit for me was trying not to make a plot where there is not one within the dream – ever the fictional writer I guess. Some things in dreams are not meant to connect in a logical way on the conscious level and it is very tempting to try and do that. However making up a plot that is not there can change the reading of a dream completely and result in a misreading. Also avoid using aids such as dream dictionaries if possible. As with other forms of divination dreams are personal reflections and reliance on your own intuition is far more likely to give an accurate reading. Aids are useful on a general level but the real detail of a reading comes from within self and the understanding of self in relationship to the dream.

Look for the obvious and do not try to dress it up in the fanciful. Before going in depth a basic level is needed to start from and that comes from the recognisable with obvious meaning to the self. For example: things from one’s everyday life that appear in a dream or an event that one has experienced in life. If a dream is reflecting a current life situation that has yet to be resolved or is causing a problem then the chances are the dream is a straightforward one to interpret and is addressing the situation. The dreams with easily recognisable elements are useful as they are a means to a solution to problems and events that niggle. A recurring dream of the same even is a clear sign of an issue being such a problem it hangs around all night and maybe more than one night and needs addressing in the waking world. Such dreams can help us figure out a solution by making us look at it from a slightly different angle as the dream processes the event.

Analysing emotions felt in a dream often comes in the way of metaphor such a missing piece of jigsaw that is waiting to be completed. Abstract dreams are a bit harder to interpret as there may be no obvious connection to the waking life. Even abstract dreams are a reflection of the self and come from the intuition so will have some meaning. By noticing the reactions and emotions of the self to the dream it is possible to figure out what it means. By comparing what makes us react in similar ways and feel the same emotions in waking as in dreams we it is possible to identify what is being shared intuitively. Identify key images as best as possible. For example, a dream about pink fairies tickling you with feathers could mean you are being tormented by other people’s flights of fancy, or you hate the pink fairies on your wallpaper or something similar. These symbols are easy to see but need the intuition to fill in the details. The interpretation of dreams requires effort but also a willingness to be honest about feelings and emotions.  Dreams will rarely tell you something that is already known to the self on some level of consciousness and issues of self that have been repressed come to the surface and one must be prepared to accept them as aspects of self.

Practicing dream interpretation regularly hones the intuitive skills and allows a better understanding of both the conscious and sub-conscious self.  Taking note of dreams can reveal patterns of dreaming and the emotions and reactions related to them. This makes it easier to interpret those aspects of a dream as the groundwork has already been done. There are no rights or wrongs to dream reading as it all based on the intuition of self however over time interpretations will begin to resonate with the self as the interpretations add something positive to life encouraging personal growth and spiritual fulfillment as acting upon dreams becomes a force of habit.

Never let go of your dreams but turn them into ambitions.

Love and light



© JG Farmer 2013



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