Prompt: The Wheel of the Year

When celebrating the Wheel of the Year, you can interpret it many ways. You can see it as symbolic, agricultural, astrological, etc. You could even do a combination. How do you find significance of each holiday in the modern world we live in? For example, during the fall season, the holidays relate strongly to the harvest. In this day and age, most of us don’t live on a farm harvesting grain and ensuring the following year’s crops. How do you stay in touch with the roots of the holy days we observe when some times we are so far placed from them?
How do you interpret the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year and make it fit the modern world around us?

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2 comments on “Prompt: The Wheel of the Year

  1. it’s an interesting question. We all live within the cycle, as the day/night balance in the sky shifts, and that in turn affects the response of the Earth and its ecosystem. One scheme I saw took each solstice/equinox and saw the cross quarter day following as the earthing and manifestation of that change in Earth terms. We don’t have to be agricultural as such, agriculture is itself a remove from Nature – we are unlikely to be fused with nature in our way of life, but we can still be responsive and aim for harmony with Nature. It is also possible to look at the wheel of the year astrologically, and if you do that it shows an interesting symmetry of sign rulership (using traditional astrological rulerships), with Winter beginning and ending in Mars ruled signs, and culminating in Saturn ruled signs, while Summer begins and ends in Venus ruled signs and culminates in signs ruled by the luminaries (Sun and Moon).

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