Action! Action! Samhain



Samhain is always a period of analysis and change for me, oh boy ain’t that so this year. Not only am I taking stock on the spiritual aspects of my life but I am saying goodbye to the past and hello to the great undiscovered country of myself. It is very unusual for me to feel so very alone at this time of year there is usually something or someone hanging around me. It is not that I think my spirits have deserted me, it is more like they are stepping back to give me space to think, assess and prepare for the months ahead – and by heck I need to do that.

This Samhain instead of performing my usual rituals I am keeping things simple and in the spirit of gratitude for the support I have had this year from the Divine through family and friends.

So what have I learned this year – biggest of all lessons is when opening Pandora’s Box you got to face the consequences and accept them, even embrace them and make them part of your being. Do not be fooled into thinking it is going to be easy because it will not be. Nothing is what is expected or planned. Flexibility is the name of the game now, being able to go with flow and not against it – que sera sera and it will be wonderful.

I have learned who I can trust this year and more painfully who I cannot. This really was the Divine at work as given the explosion of events in my life that followed I needed to know who my allies were beforehand and I am grateful for that.

Plans for next year – there are none; it is all in the hands of the gods or medical professionals. For someone as routined and scheduled as me that is a waking nightmare.

And to close to all my family that is Gay Pagan UK I wish you a blessed Samhain in love and light






Prompt: Action, Action – post about a ritual, working or other experiential moment related to your path that has occurred recently, or that you are planning to do.


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