Eureka! Brotherhood and Tea

tea and brotherhood


Revelations often come to me over tea so I am not surprised this one involves iced tea. Is it the brew that refreshes at work – I would not like to say! It was over a cup of tea the true depth of connection between me and the guys I have called bro for what seems like forever became more apparent.

I have never had older siblings to guide me and I am now at a stage in life where I need experienced guidance as I am walking on an alien footpath, alien to me anyway. My brothers have always been accepting of me. Over recent months that has become vital. For as much as I say I got to do my journey for myself right now I know I cannot do it alone. I need those I can let the thoughts out to and know I will get honesty back.

I know I am lucky to have these guys in my life and truly value their presence in it. Brotherhood is sharing a strong connection and a fraternity with an impact that cannot be dismissed as irrelevant or insignificant. It is not, necessarily, a blood connection but it is a spiritual union. It is hard to be exact or explain it as those who feel brotherhood cannot truly put it into words and those who do not feel it do not have an understanding of it. Indeed, I do not have to name names here they know who they are without me doing so.

How does all this relate to Paganism, that is easy we are all Pagan. Whether that is the connecting factor I do not know and who needs to know anyway.


© J Farmer 2013


Prompt: Eureka! – post about something new that you have learned, or discovered recently, that is related to your path or Paganism in general.


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