Pagan Blog Project – T: Taliesin the Bard


For the letter T the choice for me is obvious, the Welsh god and patron of poets, Taliesin. I am not going retell his story as it is all over the internet for those who wish to read it.


I have reread the stories I have of Taliesin in preparation for this piece and it has been an amazing enlightening experience. I am on a personal journey of life changing proportions and I have been struggling to come to terms with it on a spiritual level. Throughout his writing Taliesin talks of changing, often on a grand scale, but taking away the epic proportions that storytellers employ he is talking of going with the way his life is flowing rather than against the current. Four short lines really sum it all up for me and they are:

Then I was for nine months
In the womb of the hag Caridwen;
I was originally little Gwion,
And at length I am Taliesin.

I was born the child of my parents and they raised me to the best of their ability. In doing so they influenced my thinking and placed expectations of adulthood on me. However adulthood is when we are evolving into our own being, no longer the child of our parents and it is when that own being is not in agreement with the expectations we were raised with the internal warfare hits. I am no longer the child of my parents, I am my own individual self and that is how it is meant to be. It is not going make the journey any easier but I think it is going to be easier to live with it now. This is the reason I see Taliesin as my patron god as when I need it most his words speak to me so clearly, whether it is to confirm I am doing the right thing or to kick my ass, often both. Once again he has come through when I need it most – Thank you Taliesin!

Be true to self for the truth of self cannot be denied.




© J Farmer 2013


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