Sovereign Snakes and Sunshine

Summer Thunder

Serpents and snakes have a varied but resonant pedigree within the human imagination. Their undulating motion suggests a power supple, muscular and sensuous, like the natural movements of water, wind and sand made flesh. Heroes battle them, shape shifters turn into them, magicians and healers master them, yogis sit enlightened beneath their raised and unfurled shade. Serpents tempt, and dragons guard treasure. Even in our childhood games, we all know where we’re going in Snakes and Ladders, right? A single snake curled round Asclepius’ staff speaks of the ambiguity of poison and medicine. The caduceus crowns entwined snakes with light. The path of the serpent up the Tree of Life is the path of magical wisdom. Their shedding skins make them abiding symbols of transformation, while their shape is often wondrously phallic. Even Harry Potter’s most interesting and complex characters belong to the serpentine house.

Where do we feel…

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