Pagan Blog Prompts: Prompt: Children and religion

Children and religion can be a touchy and sensitive topic. Some people believe in raising their kids in their own personal faiths since birth…others think waiting until the children are old enough to decide for themselves is best. This topic doesn’t have to specifically be about Paganism or Wicca…it could be about Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, etc.

Do you believe children should be raised in the faith of their parents or allowed to wait and decide on their own? Were you raised in a religion that you are no longer part of? Has that changed or shaped the path you’re on today?

via Pagan Blog Prompts: Prompt: Children and religion.


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2 comments on “Pagan Blog Prompts: Prompt: Children and religion

  1. I don’t believe in raising children in a faith in the sense of telling them what they are, but I think it is inevitable that you will seek to give your children your understanding of the world as appropriate, and seek to let them benefit from your spirituality. To not do so would be negligent, even though there are inevitable limitations, because you would be holding back a part of being human. But they should understand that there are other ways, and that it will be their choice how they live and understand the world, and it goes without saying that terrorising children with religious beliefs is just being abusive. I don’t mean here that children need religion, they just need to be able to share and benefit from any wisdom their parents have gained in an appropriate way

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