back to simple, not straining to listen

in answer to the blog prompt: advice to newbies

Summer Thunder

I was having a nice conversation with my husband recently about magic. I love that my husband is a relative newcomer to Paganism and magic, but he has managed to circumvent that whole “have to find a box to fit myself into and get all the right bells and whistles before I can hope to do magic or call myself a Pagan” thing.

I think that is so cool, because there is so much pushing the other way in Paganism, partly I think because people are insecure and want to “belong”, partly because we have the hangover of ritualistic occultism as an inheritance, partly because there are parts of neopaganism that want very very badly to be taken seriously as “real religions”.

I’ve been there and I’ve done that, though it was a long time ago in a pre-internet age. I was delighted when Paganism and magic became more open…

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