Black is Beautiful

Summer Thunder

As anyone reading my blog will know, me and my husband are neopagan Witches, and we have a God with horns, a God we love very much. I view modern Witchcraft as a modern spirituality movement, though people used to think that it was a survival of an underground pre-Christian European religion. However, I am not going to do a “our God isn’t the Devil, we’re not Satanists!” post, that’s kinda boring and there are an awful lot of them about. I’d actually like to argue that we owe a littledebt to the idea of the Devil as a repository of a sense of the mysterious, the magical, the wild, the sexual, the liberating, the earthy, the nocturnal and Dionysian and the hidden, and the paradoxically enlightening – though not to the whole negative monotheistic package.

Many of us read books like Margaret Murray’s “The God of the Witches” and “The Witch-Cult…

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