a morning of the magicians

Summer Thunder

I am starting to think there are three kinds of people, or rather three types of consciousness, and I’m really liking this idea. Of course you could see more than three, but I’m finding this scheme useful.

It fits quite a bit with Richard Gardner’s ideas about fire and water consciousness, two dynamic elements in the evolution of awareness.

What I am seeing is that there are people who are solar (or going through a solar phase), and people who are lunar. The lunar has a wildness and an expanse of feeling and imagination to it, and it is both more inclined to go with the flow and also get stuck in attachment to the biographical past. In has both vision and personal phobias. One of its shadows is a kind of unenlightened consensual consciousness. Xenophobia is an essentially lunar phenomenon, but so are the wonders of trance, imagination and enchantment…

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